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    Steelmate C40 10.1" LCD Screen Digital Video Recorder with 4 Cameras, 720p @ 30fps (all cameras), LCD Screen, Voice Control, AI Blind Spot Detection

    This is the Steelmate C40 10.1" LCD Screen Digital Video Recorder with 4 cameras, Voice Control, and AI Blind Spot Detection.

    It is designed for use on commercial trucks or other commercial vehicles and is a true multi channel all in one digital video recorder. 


    Yes this system has voice control, meaning you can speak to it and "tell it" to display a specific camera!

    See example below:

      • "turn on screen"          "turn off screen"
      • "turn on audio"           "turn off audio"
      • "show front camera"     "show rear camera"
      • "show both cameras"   - It displays 4 split


    We have been waiting a very long time for a product like this to come along, that has the following features:

    • Large display screen (10.1")
    • Includes 4 cameras (front, left, right, rear)
    • Uses the left and right cameras (through the integration of artificial intelligence) to detect objects in your blind spot.
    • Has turn signal trigger inputs for the left and right cameras (it does) to switch them on when you activate your turn signals
    • Provides a reverse trigger input for the rear camera so the system provides high resolution rear view visibility.

    Mobile universal 4-channel video recorder built-in the 10" touch screen monitor, with continuous recording function and blind spot detection. Side AI cameras automatically recognizes the nearby moving people and the driver is alerted. The system supports driver while reversing and includes split mode view (2, 4). Miniature cameras allow comfortable installation at any place. Thanks to the high aperture, HD resolution 1080p and 160° view angle the system records exceptional video even under the poor lighting conditions. The driver can prove the situation by playing the footage on the monitor directly, right after the incident. Ideal for vans, trucks, rigs, agricultural and construction machinery.

    The system records automatically after turning the ignition on, while each channel (camera) is saved in a separate file. The cameras of small dimensions and thanks to the lens high aperture, It records a clear image in the dark even without IR leds. The system uses 720p AHD cameras, it is possible to add / use also other AHD cameras. When installing on a truck/trailer, it is necessary to insert also the M12 flexi cable. The main functions can also be controlled by voice (turn on, turn off the screen, switch camera view).

    Note: the monitor supporting also automatic split display of two channels - CH3 and CH4 (by simultaneously connecting the trigger wires ch3 and ch4 to plus 12/24V).

    Number of Cameras/Channels:

    4 Channel
    Camera Resolution:
    Front Camera: 720p @ 30fps
    Side Cameras: 720p @ 30fps
    Rear Camera: 720p @ 30fps
    (product is capable of 1080p support with alternate cameras)
    Is Camera Equipped with WiFi for Smartphone Connection:
    Is Camera Equipped with GPS Receiver:
    Camera Model Number:
    Camera Field of View:
    Front: Diagonal 160°
    Left Side: 160°
    Right Side: 160°

    Rear: 160°
    Camera Color and Design:
    The screen and cameras are black in colour, cameras are made of steel.
    Type of Memory Card and is it Included:
    MicroSD sold separately 
    Memory Card Support:
    Supports up to 256GB MicroSD card
    Power Consumption: 
    DC 12V - 24V
    Viewing Software Available:
    Computer Compatibility:
    Windows & Mac via Mini USB Cable
    Does This Camera Have an LCD Screen for Footage Viewing:
    Does This Camera Have Built-in Battery Protection:
    No, parking mode not available.
    Operating Temperature:
    -20 C to +70 C
    Country of Origin:



    • monitor
      • display                            IPS touchscreen
      • diagonal                          10"
      • speaker                           yes, built-in
      • brightness                       3 levels
      • parking lines                    on / off
      • mirror image                    on / off
      • BSD monitoring                on / off
      • display                            1ch, 2ch split, 4ch split (manually with buttons or touch)
        • 2 split CH1 + CH2 (front + rear)
        • 2 split CH3 + CH4 (left + right)
      • lock the recorded file        yes by button
      • time/date/number plate    yes, on / off
      • dimensions                      245 x 153 x 33mm without stand and shield
      • universal                        yes, other AHD cameras also supported
        • PAL or NTSC cameras supported (in the menu - after flashing the firmware) 
    • camera
      • view angle                       160° horizontally
      • water resistance               IP67
      • dimensions                      40 x 30 x 35 mm without stand
      • microphone                      yes, potted
    • video
      • resolution                        AHD 720p
      • compression                    H264
      • file                                  .MOV  (1, 3, 5 min)
    • SD card support                       max. 256GB (not included)
    • trigger wire                              3x trigger
      • CH2 green for parking camera
      • CH3 blue for side left
      • CH4 gray for side right
    • for vehicles                              with 12/24 V on-board voltage
    • operating temperature              from -20 C to +70 C

    Package content

    • monitor                         1x
    • camera                          4x
    • cable 15m                     1x
    • cable 5m                       2x
    • cable 3m                       1x
    • screws



    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Are all cameras are Infrared?
    Yes all cameras have IR. 

    Recording in LOOP or constant and how many minutes, if loop?
    Loop recording once storage capacity is reached, video files are recorded in 1 min / 2 min / 3 min clips, based on how you set it up. This so that clips can be filtered by date/time when searching for footage.

    Do outside cameras get powered from inside camera or has a separate power source?
    The outside cameras have a 4 pin DIN style cable, which has power connections, along with video connections inside of it. No separate power required for the outside cameras 

    Do you have other mounting options for outside cameras?
    The cameras come with a mounting bracket, designed to be screwed, nut and bolted, or zip-tied mounted. You would have to source special brackets for your vehicle if required. 

    Can I mount outside cameras sideways and how will it impact recorded video?
    Yes you could mount sideways, but the image will then be sideways as well. I have to double check to see if there is an image rotate feature in the software (I don't think there is though).
    Does this system have parking mode?
    No the Steelmate C40 does not have parking mode recording, it is designed to be used while the vehicle is running only.