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Renault Duster

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Remote Start & Security

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Yes we ship worldwide, if we can verify there is a remote start for your vehicle, we can ship it to you.
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We can install your remote starter on almost any vehicle. In-Store and On-Site installation available.
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Tell us your vehicle year, make, model, and key type and we will pre-program your remote starter.
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Automatic Transmission Only

NOT Plug and Play:

Requires Fortin EVO-ALL

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Automatic & Manual Transmission

NOT Plug and Play

Requires EVO-ALL

Key Fob Kit Required!

Why are key fobs mandatory?

This vehicle does not support 3xlock start, it is because the OEM key fob (original key fob) goes dead (stops working) when the vehicle ignition is on (such as when the engine is running). This means, that if you were to use 3xlock start, you would have no way to open the doors (keyless entry) while the engine was running, as the OEM key fob goes dead. Hence, the requirement for the aftermarket key fob.

This is not a big deal though, as in most cases where 3xlock start is not supported, you can leave the OEM key fob at home, and simply switch over to using the aftermarket key fob for all functions (such as lock/unlock/trunk release/remote start & stop. Also, you will gain increased range by using the aftermarket key fob.

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Renault Duster