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    Viper 5806V Car Alarm with Remote Starter, 2-Way LED, 2000 Foot Range

    This is the Viper 5806V 2-Way LED Car Alarm with Remote Starter

    The Viper 5806V is a 2 way alarm and starter equipped with an elegant, slim LED remote control. No need to worry about breaking fragile LCD screens on your remote control if you go with this system, and the remotes are so slim they won't end up adding extra bulkiness to your keychain. 

    You will love the way the Responder LE remote feels in your hand, and the many state-of-the-art system features you can access with ease, starting with the new paging-only Silent Mode2™ feature, which allows users to turn off the siren and receive notification on the remote only. With Silent Mode2, the vehicle silently alerts the user that the alarm has triggered.

    Type of Car Alarm with Remote Starter:
    How Many Remote Controls Come With This System:
    2 (One x 1-way + One x 2-way)
    Operating Range:
    2000 feet
    How Many Buttons on Remote Controls:
    4 Button ( Lock, Unlock, Trunk Release, Remote Start/Stop )
    Car Alarm with Remote Starter Model Number:
    Compatible Antenna Number:

    Compatible with Smartphone Control:
    Yes ( SmartStart )
    Manual Transmission Compatible:
    Diesel Compatible:
    Keyfob Colour:
    Warranty Coverage:
    Limited Lifetime ( lifetime on main controller module, 1 year on remote controls/keyfobs )