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    Viper 3606V Car Alarm, 1-Way, 2000 Foot Range

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    The Viper 3606V is a 1-way car alarm that will protect your vehicle from theft or vandalism. This system includes two 4 button remote controls that offer easy to use performance with Viper's high quality. This system will protect your hood, doors, trunk, and will detect impact through it's included DoubleGuard shock sensor.

    Type of Car Alarm:
    How Many Remote Controls Come With This System:
    1 (only comes with 1 x 1-way key fob)
    Operating Range:
    2000 feet
    How Many Buttons on Remote Controls:
    4 Button ( Lock, Unlock, Trunk Release, Remote Start/Stop )
    Car Alarm Model Number:
    Compatible Antenna Number:

    Compatible with Smartphone Control:
    Yes (SmartStart)
    Keyfob Colour:
    Warranty Coverage:
    Limited Lifetime (lifetime on main controller module, 1 year on remote controls/keyfobs )