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Valor Temptrac


Valor Temptrac VTEMPGEO Real-Time Refrigerated Trailer Temp. Monitoring System

Part Number: VTEMPGEO
Product Features: The Valor TempTrac Temperature Monitoring system delivers real-time temperature data wirelessly from sensors internally-mounted in a refrigerated trailer. TempTrac measures temperatures ranging from – 104˚ F / -40˚ C to +185˚ F / +85˚ C. Two sensors mounted inside a refrigerated trailer measure internal temperature every 4 seconds and transmit temperature readings every 30 seconds. One sensor mounts in the front of the trailer (zone 1) and one sensor mounts 3/4 of the way back in the trailer (zone 2). Additional sensors can be added to cover up to four zones if required. (Additional sensors sold separately – part number VTEMPSEN) The 433.92 MHz coaxial antenna (with 26′ cable) receives data from the two sensors and sends it to the CAN transceiver making the temperature data available for viewing on an in-cab 2″ display (optional) and to the back-office web portal – MyGeotab. TempTrac system can be configured in MyGeotab portal through the same interface as all other GO devices, and can be included in reports, zone alerts, exception rules, and several other data captures. System includes: CAN transceiver, GO wire Harness, 433.92 MHz coaxial antenna, two TempTrac sensors and installation accessories. (In-cab 5.5KPA 2″ display is optional and sold separately – part number VDISPKIT5.5)

*NOTE:The TempTrac system requires a Geotab telematics unit, the correct Geotab truck engine harness and an IOX-CAN Geotab CAN integration cable to operate. These three parts are sold separately. Use Geotab Harness guide located on Pages 34 and 35 to determine appropriate Geotab harness part number. CAN Integration Cable is part number IOX-CAN
(Located on page 32). Geotab telematics unit is part number PP605629 for US systems orP605629C for Canadian systems