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Thinkware TWA-OBD2 Hardwiring Cable

This is the Thinkware TWA-OBD2 OBDII port plug and play dash camera installation cable.
This cable enables plug and play installation for any Thinkware dash camera, and also enables all parking mode features of Thinkware dash cameras. No more fuse taps, spliced wires, or messy connections, simply run this cable down to the vehicle's OBDII diagnostic port, plug it in, and voila your dash camera is connected.
Enable Parking Surveillance mode without hassle. Designed for easy installation.
Built-in Parking Surveillance Modes
  • Motion Detection
  • Impact Detection
  • Time Lapse Mode*
  • Energy Saving Mode*
NOTE 1: unlikely to be compatible with electric vehicles. Should you wish to unlock Parking Mode functionality, install the dash cam using a THINKWARE Hardwiring Cable (sold separately).
NOTE 2: Not compatible with THINKWARE F550 Dash Cam