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    Starline E9 Digital Anti Theft System with Installation

    This is the Starline E9 Digital Anti Theft System, a revolutionary product that WILL secure your vehicle from theft. 


    This is a bundled product that is sold including installation.

    The Starline E9 provides a number of key features to keep your vehicle safe, secure, and comfortable such as:

    • CAN-BUS blocking ( uses the vehicle's CAN-BUS based computer system to prevent the engine from starting, or shuts it down )
    • Analogue blocking ( a secondary high security way to immobilize the vehicle ), using a standard relay, or one of Starline's high security digital relays with Bluetooth technology.

    The Starline E9 MINI 1 can also be disarmed in a number of different ways, 
    such as:

    • Secure PIN-CODE using factory ( OEM ) buttons
    • Bluetooth Key Tag proximity disarm, or manual disarm by pressing the disarm button ( the E9 comes with 1 x BT-TAG )
    • Smartphone proximity disarm ( uses the Bluetooth from your smartphone, and the Starline app, to disarm when the phone comes within range )


    Concerned about the recent violent car-jackings that have occurred? 

    The Starline E9 has you covered here as well, with one of the best built in-anti hi jacking features we have ever seen, with extreme customizability to work in the way that YOU choose, not simple default behavior like competing systems
    (such as IGLA or GHOST).

    But wait, there is MORE! 

    The Starline E9 MINI 1 also offers some cool convenience features, such as:

    • Proximity keyless entry using the Bluetooth key tags or smartphone, meaning when you get close to the vehicle the doors can be programmed to unlock
    • Using the Starline EC-1 touch sensor, you can turn ANY surface in your vehicle into the disarm button (additional purchase required)
    • Using the Starline R4 or Starline R6 line of Bluetooth enabled relays, you can have a wireless analogue block circuit with NO direct wired connection to the E9 MINI device, meaning no wire trail for a thief to discover the E9 MINI control module, this is the definition of HIGH security!