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Sirius XM


SiriusXM SV7TK1C Stratus 7

Product Features: 

The Stratus 7 radio features an easy-to-read blue display, simple navigation and all the essential features you need to enjoy SiruisXM® in your vehicle. This radio also features PowerConnect+ technology to provide a clearer, cleaner audio experience while listening in your vehicle.

  • View artist, song title and channel information
  • 10 presets: Enjoy fast access to your favourite channels
  • Push-button navigation: Surf channels on the fly
  • FM transmitter or stereo audio output to connect to your vehicle’s radio
  • FM preset function: Store the best FM frequencies in your area for optimum integration with your vehicle’s radio
  • One-Touch Jump™ to your favourite channel
  • Universal docking capability: Add accessories to enjoy in your home, office or additional vehicles
  • Vehicle kit includes: radio, vehicle dock, power adapter, antenna, dash & vent mounts and aux in cable