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    Rydeen BSS-ONE Blind Spot Detection Kit with Radar Sensor

    This is the Rydeen BSS-ONE Blind Spot Detection Kit with a single Radar Sensor.
    • Highly Accurate Digital Radar Technology (77 GHz)
    • 2-Way Sensing (ISO 17387 type 3) for Both Approaching and Passing Vehicles
    • Two LED Indicators for Visual Warning
    • Buzzer Speaker for Audible Warning
    • Automatic Speed Detection and Improved Sensing Accuracy
    The BSS-ONE is the newest Blind Spot Detection System for improved vehicle safety. The BSS-ONE unit adheres to the inside of a plastic bumper using automotive grade adhesive.  The new BSS-ONE includes a single sensor with a 180-degree active field, and now the sensor operates at 77GHz instead of 24GHz with Highly Accurate Digital Radar Technology, which makes it capable of processing more data.

    This improvement in the aftermarket blind spot system technology will make it comparable to an OE level experience. Depending on the vehicle, installers may be required to remove the bumper but there’s no need for right and left calibration adjustments. The BSS-ONE includes Automatic Speed Detection, and Improved Sensing Accuracy, and has the ability to use LED Indicators or Buzzer Speakers for visual and audible warnings.

    For installation of the BSS-ONE, wires run to the A-Pillars for LED indicators or to the TOMBO 360 mirror.