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Rostra 2501594 Rostra Obstacle Sensing System I Universal Kit

This is the Rostra 2501594 Microwave Radar Parking Sensor Kit.

The cost of an obstacle detection system is often less than the insurance deductible incurred in an accident. Protect your investment with Rostra's economical ROSS Pro!

Don't Guess! Like an extra set of eyes, the Rostra Obstacle Sensing System (ROSS) detects objects that you can't. Using the latest microwave motion sensing technology, the ROSS alerts you to obstacles as far away as 12 feet behind or next to the rear end of the vehicle. Prevent costly and troublesome accidents. The ROSS is for vans, pick-up trucks and most commercial vehicles.


Product Features

  • Alerts driver with a three-colour visual LED and an audible beeping tone.
  • Works in poor weather conditions.
  • State of the art Microwave Motion Sensing Technology.
  • Does not change the appearance of the bumper.


ROSS Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to clean the sensors?

No. The ROSS uses microwave sensing and can see through snow, mud, ice even a plastic bumper.

How am I warned about approaching an obstacle?

You will hear a beeping sound which increases in intensity the closer you get to the obstacle or you can use the visual LED strip located in the rear window which changes colour according to distance. (Green - Far, Red - Close)

Can the LED strip be located in the front of my vehicle?

Yes, but it is recommended to install it in the rear.

Why is this system the best?

Other detection technologies require an external transducer, and they cannot be placed behind or covered by any type of material. Their performance can be severely affected by the weather. The ROSS uses technology that is not affected by these conditions.