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Prestige APSRS3Z 1-Way Remote Starter

This is the Prestige APS57E 1-way remote starter.  

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Description & Specification 

The Prestige APSRS3Z is a 1-way basic remote starter, that comes with two key fobs, and has an RS232 data port for connection to interface modules from Fortin and iDatalink.


  • Two three button metal one-way remote controls

  • Programmed transmitter notification
  • Glass mount antenna with built-in LED light and valet switch
  • (+) and (-) keyless entry outputs
  • Trunk release output
  • On board start relay
  • On board accessory relay
  • On board ignition 1 & 2 relay
  • Ignition 2 & 3 relay selectable on or off during cranking
  • On board parking light relay
  • Ignition 3 / shock by - pass / GM VAT output (relay required)
  • Tach signal learning circuit
  • Two (+) and two (-) safety shutdown circuits
  • Alarm by - pass output



This product comes with a one year warranty