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Power Window Control Module Installation | 2 Window | PWC2-Install

Lifetime Labour Guarantee Included

This is our labour fee for installing a power window control module for 2 windows / 1 direction (up or down). This fee applies when we are installing a 2 window power window control module, to allow remote control of 2 windows up or down. Labour fee does NOT include the module, that is additional charge.

*NOTE* Some vehicles require wiring to be run into each individual door in order to control the power window in that specific door, if this is the case with your vehicle, additional labour *may* apply.

This labour fee includes:

Module mounting and connection
Running of any required wiring into doors
Connection/interface to switch or controlling device

Please note: Every vehicle is different and depending on make/model/year of vehicle may require additional parts and labour to install a power window control module This fee covers installation of all features listed. Additional electronic parts such as relays, diodes, and/or resistors are additional charge if required.