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    Pioneer GM-D9701 1-Channel Mono Block Amplifier

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    This is the Pioneer GM-D9701 1 Channel Car Stereo Amplifier.


    Pioneer GM-D9701 2400W Class-D Mono Amplifier

    Pioneer GM-D9701 new extra-efficient Class-D digital amplifiers mark a dramatic improvement in power output capability, yet are 50% smaller than the current GM-Series Class-AB amplifiers. That makes them more versatile in terms of installation as well as performance.

    The GM-D9701 1 channel automotive amplifier is rated at 2,400 watts max with a subwoofer output rated at 800 watts at 2 ohms (RMS) and 1,200 watts at 1 ohm (RMS). Use the wired bass boost knob to add 0 to 18 more dBs. This car amp has block terminals for a cleaner installation and direct wire contact to minimize resistance.

    Improved Circuit Design

    To prevent circuit shutdown, Pioneer’s new digital amplifier circuit “Protection Control System” senses its internal temperature and automatically moderates input level accordingly. Stable, durable circuitry lessens the risk of high input power for the unit to achieve 1 Ω connection. This design enhances the flexibility to connect multiple subwoofers to a system.

    Variable Low-Pass Filter

    For extra flexibility, a variable LPF makes audio frequency more adjustable according to subwoofer characteristics and personal listening preferences. The GM-D9701 LPF is adjustable from 40 Hz to 240 Hz.

    Turn Up the Bass

    Every new Pioneer Class-D amplifier has a wired bass boost remote control for optimal bass level adjustment according to listening preferences and music characteristics.