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  • DMH-WT8600NEX

    Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX Multimedia Receiver, 10.1", Wireless AA & CP, HDMI, Maestro, HD Radio, 4 Volt RCA

    This is the new Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX Multimedia Receiver.

    This receiver is also equipped with WiFi, meaning you can wirelessly connect your iPhone or Android phone and use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wirelessly.
    Enjoy entertainment on the go with the Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX multimedia receiver. This unit offers a 10.1" screen and wireless, hands-free control over Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It's also compatible with Maestro, HD Radio, and 4 Volt RCA outputs.

    Type Of Receiver:
    Multimedia Receiver
    Screen Size:
    Touchscreen Type:
     Capacitive Touch
    Bluetooth Equipped:
    Apple CarPlay Enabled:
    Yes | Hardwired and Wireless
    Android Auto Enabled:
    Yes | Hardwired and Wireless
    HDMi Equipped:
    Pre-Out Voltage:
    4 volts (Front/Rear/Sub) | 6 -Channel
    Power Output (Internal Amplifier):
    22 watts x 4