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Nakamichi NA2300 Multimedia Receiver, 6.2", CD/DVD, 4 Volt RCA

This is the Nakamichi NA2300 Multimedia Receiver.

It includes Bluetooth, CD/DVD, front AND rear camera inputs, along with a triple RCA pre-out (front, rear, subwoofer).

The capacitive touchscreen makes interacting with this radio smooth, seamless, and fast! It duplicates the feel and use of your iPhone. It is incredible they have equipped it with one, as radios that cost double the price don't come with it. 

With 4 volt triple pre-outs (RCA audio outputs) you can expand your audio system and have full fade control along with independent subwoofer control. This radio also has a built in EQ (equalizer) so you can truly tune your sound just right. 

Installers out there will LOVE the built in microphone (no external microphone to run), but just in case you need an external mic (for those applications where the radio is too far away etc.), this radio has an external microphone accessory available.

Type Of Receiver:
Multimedia with CD/DVD
Screen Size:
Touchscreen Type:
Capacitive Touch
Bluetooth Equipped:
Apple CarPlay Enabled:
Android Auto Enabled:
HDMi Equipped:
Pre-Out Voltage:
4 volts (Front/Rear/Sub)
Power Output (Internal Amplifier):
50 watts x 4