Parrot MINIKIT Neo 2 HD Voice Controlled Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit

The Parrot MINIKIT Neo 2 HD is a voice controlled Bluetooth hands-free kit which can be used in any vehicle, with any Bluetooth enabled phone.

Featuring a simple clip on design, and a built in long life rechargeable battery, this Bluetooth hands-free kit requires no installation. 

Specs :

Free MINIKIT Neo 2 app compatible with smartphones running on iOS and Android
Bluetooth v4.0 Bluetooth range: 10 meters maximum – 32 feet maximum
Pairing code: is necessary
or ‘0 0 0 0’ by PIN code for old mobile phones
Micro-USB: to recharge & update the kit
Compatible with all brands of Bluetooth phones
Profiles: HFP 1.6, A2DP, PBAP
Other synchronization protocols: SyncML, Synchro AT, Synchro Nokia
Pairing capacity: maximum of 10 devices per MINIKIT Neo 2 HD
Dual Mode (Multipoint): simultaneously connects two Bluetooth phones
Call Management - User interface
Green button: answer, call a contact from the phonebook, initiate voice recognition, confirm, private mode
Red button: hang up, cancel, exit menus
Rotary knob: access the menus, adjust the volume, send DTMF signal
Lithium-Ion 1000mAh
Can be charged on the 12V/24V cigarette lighter plug or a computer through a micro-USB cable (included in the retail packaging)
Charging time: 3 hrs maximum – 5V / 500mA
Battery life:
- up to 10 hours in conversation
- up to 6 months in Ultra Low Power Mode
Voice recognition – Nuance Technology
Advanced Voice Recognition
Magic Words on incoming calls: 'Accept' or 'Reject'
Magic Words on outgoing calls: say ‘MINIKIT’ - to call off say ‘Cancel’
Magic Word with iPhone: say ‘Hello SIRI’ to trigger the Apple Siri app.
Voice tags: record your own voice tags
Vocal synthesis – Text-To-Speech (TTS)
Says the names in the phonebook
Voice confirmation to approve the contact chosen
Caller ID announced
Digital Signal Processing
Noise reduction: Parrot NR3 - mono microphone with temporal coherence
Echo cancellation and residual echo cancellation
Number of contacts: 2,000 per phone – Maximum of 20,000 contacts per MINIKIT Neo 2 HD
Available: ENG (UK), FR, GER, IT, ESP (SP), POR, DUT, ENG (US), ESP (America), ZH, DAN, SW, POL, CZ, RU, TUR
One language per version
3W speaker
Full duplex
Built-in multidirectional microphone
Output via vibrating panel
HDR < 1%
Noise reduction: Parrot NR v2.0
Echo cancellation: Parrot APA v2.0
SIP6 processor at 416 MHz
Flash memory: 128MB (1Gb)
RAM memory: 32MB (256Mb) – DDR