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  • SKSNG190D4

    Mid City Engineering SKSNG190D4 Plug and Play Remote Starter ⭕ KEY SACRIFICE Required

    This is the Mid City Engineering SKSNG190D4 Plug and Play Remote Starter for the following Mercedes Benz vehicles:

    Mercedes Benz AMG GT 2015-2019-PTS
    Mercedes Benz AMG GTS 2015-2019-PTS
    Mercedes Benz AMG GTC 2015-2019-PTS
    Mercedes Benz AMG GTR 2015-2019-PTS
    ⭕Key SACRIFICE Required⭕

    You can also pair this remote start kit with a number of Compustar brand key fob kits, or use the default OEM key fob (3x Lock Start) feature, and not require any additional key fobs on your key chain. 

    Type of Remote Starter:
    OEM Key Fob
    How Many Remote Controls Come With This System: 
    Operating Range: 
    OEM Key Fob range
    How Many Buttons on Remote Controls: 

    Remote Starter Model Number: 
    Compatible Antenna Number:

    Compatible with Smartphone Control: 
    Yes ( DRONE Mobile )
    Manual Transmission Compatible: 
    Diesel Compatible: 
    Bypass Module/Interface Module Support:
    RS232 (D2D) and BLADE
    Keyfob Colour: 
    Warranty Coverage:



    • Plug-and-play remote start system for Mercedes-Benz

    • Works with factory key fob out of the box (‘Panic’ button or ‘lock-unlock-lock’)
    • Interfaces with Compustar Drone and Directed Smart Start smart phone control interfaces and RF remotes (for extended range)
    • Automatically turns on heated seats and rear-defroster based on programmable outside temperature
    • Automatically turns on cooling seats based on programmable outside temperature (if applicable-cooling seats feature must be programmed through Compustar firmware programmer and computer)
    • Seamless solution that does not disrupt integrity of the vehicle, keeping all warranties intact
    • User-friendly programmability from steering wheel controls.  Adjust options like run time, number of starts, heated seat temp. threshold, light flashes, and number of starts. 
    • Industry leading automotive hardware and firmware