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Lukas QVIA LK-CPL37 CPL Filter (37mm)

This is the Lukas QVIA LK-CPL37 CPL Filter 

For Protection: 

This CPL filter (Circulation Polaroid Filter) does to your dashcam lens what sunglasses do to your eye: protecting it. It helps keeping harmfull light from damaging the lens. When using the dashcam in a climate with a lot of sun, the lens could get damaged over time. The CPL filter blocks the most harmful rays to protect the lens from losing its capacity to get a clear video quality.


For bettery video quality: 

The CPL filter not only protects your lens, it also ensures a much bettery video quality when using the dashcam in the sun. Reflections and distortions in the light are filtered so only the neccesary light is let through. Often, when shooting video’s in the sun, there are bright reflections in the image that distort the video. The CPL filter blocks these unwanted reflections.

UV or CPL filter? 

Although the standard UV filter does a great job in protecting the camera lens, we highly recommend the use of a CPL filter in sunny climates. The UV filter only protects the lens and doesn’t filter any unwanted reflections in the video. To ensure the best video quality and keep your dashcam recording for years, the CPL filter is a great choice.



Don’t worry about mounting the CPL filter. The mounted UV filter can be easily taken from the dashcam and the CPL filter is fitted on the dashcam turning it clockwise.

Important note: 

Please remember to take off the CPL filter when using the dashcam at night, as it keeps the neccessary light from reaching the lens.


Protects lens
Filters reflections and distortions
For all models, except LK-7300 and LK-9700