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Lukas LK-530-A Dashcam Battery Pack | DISCONTINUED

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The Lukas LK-530-A 12v Smart Power-Supply Battery Pack connects the car battery and your dash camera together so power can get supplied to your dash camera when the car engine is off. It checks battery voltage of the vehicle and protects the car battery from being drained out by cutting the voltage when it reached a pre-set limit.

  • Input Voltage / Current: 11v~15v / 3A
  • Output Voltage / Current: 9v~15v / 1A
  • Operating Temperature: Charge 0c~45c, Discharge -10c~60c
  • Storage Temperature: -10c~60c (within 3 months)
  • Battery Capacity: 2.0AH, 3.0AH (Option Selectable)
  • Life Span: Capacity of 300 times discharge >60% of minimum capacity
  • Size / Weight: 70x100x22(MM) / Approx 198g

The LK-530 12v Smart Power-Supply Battery Pack offers long-lasting parking recording without battery discharge (Max. 11-hour recording available per charge).

Check input/output voltage in real time from the LCD display on the unit.

Dashcam batteries are the solution to dead vehicle batteries for those dash-cam users who wish to keep their dash-cams powered even when the vehicle is off. Using a dash-cam battery keeps the power source for the dash-cam completely independent from the vehicle's starting battery, meaning you never have to worry about a dead vehicle battery ever again (at least one caused by your dash-cam that is).

We recommend this product for all 2013 - Up BMW vehicles that are equipped with a battery management/warning system. This will eliminate all battery warnings from popping up on the driver information screen.