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iDatastart ADS-CH5 Plug and Play Remote Starter

NOTE:  When purchasing this item, please include your vehicles' appropriate Year/Make/Model in the vehicle details.

The ADS-CH series of remote starts from iDatastart are the easiest way to add remote start functionality to your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or select Volkswagen (Routan) vehicles. These exciting new products provide a fully plug and play install, no wires to splice*, no warranty concerns, no high installation fees, and a simple straightforward installation.

These remote starters offer you the ability to start your vehicle with the OEM keyfob, or you can add one of Compustar's RF remote control packages found here: http://www.lockdownsecuritycanada.ca/Compustar-RF-Packages-s/567.htm

Adding a Compustar RF package will allow you to increase the range of the system (the distance it will work from) or provide you with a 2 way paging system (the remote will tell you the vehicle's status).

You can also connect the ADS-CH series to Compustar's DRONE Mobile system (found here: http://www.lockdownsecuritycanada.ca/Compustar-DRONE-Mobile-s/156.htm) which will allow you to control your vehicle with your smartphone!

The future is here with the ADS-CH series of remote starters from iDatastart!

Works on the following vehicles:

200 2011-2014
300C 2005-2007
Aspen 2007-2009
PT Cruiser 2006-2010
Sebring: 2007-2010

Avenger 2008-2014
Caliber 2007-2012
Charger 2006-2007
Dakota 2007-2011
Durango 2007-2010
Magnum 2005-2007
Nitro 2007-2011
Ram 1500 2007-2008
Ram 2500 2007-2009
Ram 3500 2007-2009
Ram 4500 2008-2012
Ram 5500 2008-2012

Commander 2006-2007
Compass 2007-2015
Grand Cherokee 200-2007
Liberty 2008-2012
Patriot 2007-2015
Wrangler 2007-2015

Raider 2007-2009

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