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    iDatalink ADS-ALCA Remote Starter for Audi ⭕ Kit Includes Relay, Fuse Holder, 1 Amp Diode ⭕ KEY SACRIFICE Required

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    This is the iDatalink ADS-ALCA digital remote start system for Audi.
    You must sacrifice (give up) a key to install this product.

    This kit includes:
    SEM-1417 Relay + Harness
    1 Amp Diode 
    18 Gauge Fuse Holder 

    Equipped with vehicle specific software that enables basic remote start capability for many vehicles. In most cases (unless otherwise noted), Lockdown Security will provide the vehicle specific software, programmed to the module before shipment or install.

    Designed to be controlled by the factory key fob, by pressing the lock button 3 times, to activate remote start.