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iBEAM TE-TSI Turn Signal Video Switcher

This is the iBeam TE-TSI turn signal interface/video switcher.

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This is the iBeam TE-TSI turn signal interface/video switcher. If you need to add a front, left, right, and rear camera to a display with only a single video input (single rear camera input), this is the product for you.

It provides 4 video inputs with a single video output, and a 12 volt trigger that activates when any camera view is required.

This device also has the left and right turn signal inputs (accepts pulsed 12 volt signal inputs) so it will trigger the video output when the turn signals are activated.

The device also has a 12 volt reverse camera trigger (so when you put the vehicle in reverse it will output the rear camera signal), AND a push button for the dash which you can use to force trigger the front view camera input.



  • Designed to be used with multiple cameras to show obstructions on the sides, back, or even the front of the vehicle
  • When a turn signal is activated, the corresponding camera video will show on screen
  • When reverse is activated, the reverse camera will show video
  • Views surroundings especially when used on a large vehicle like a RV