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  • Fortin EVO-MAZT1 Plug and Play Remote Starter

    This is the Fortin EVO-MAZT1 Plug and Play remote starter for Mazda vehicles.

    NOTE: When purchasing this item, please include your vehicles' appropriate Year/Make/Model in the vehicle details.

    NOTICE: The EVO-MAZT1 is a cost effective remote start solution, however our experience has been it is VERY difficult to program and does not always successfully work for many installers. Also, it does NOT offer vehicle takeover, meaning the vehicle will shut down while remote started, if a door is opened (as in when you go to drive away).

    With the above said, we suggest spending the additional money, and going with the EVO-ONE + THARONE-MAZ3, which works perfectly EVERYTIME, and offers TAKEOVER.

    The EVO-MAZT1 plug and play remote starter from Fortin is a great way to add remote start functionality to Mazda vehicles. This exciting new product provides a fully plug and play install, no wires to splice*, no warranty concerns, no high installation fees, and a simple straightforward installation.

    This remote starter offers you the ability to start your vehicle with the OEM key-fob, or you can add one of Fortin's RF remote control packages found HERE

    Adding a Fortin RF package will allow you to increase the range of the system (the distance it will work from) or provide you with a 2 way paging system (the remote will tell you the vehicle's status).

    You can also connect the EVO-MAZT1 to many different smartphone controllers, so you can remote start your vehicle from your smartphone!
    The future is here with the EVO-MAZT1 remote starter from Fortin!