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FLIR PathFindIR II - Imager Only Driver's Night Vision Camera


Product Features

  • PathFindIR™ II is the first driving vision system to incorporate the latest in FLIR's thermal imaging technology coupled with pedestrian and animal detection symbology. Simplistic clear images in absolute darkness with no distraction from headlight glare pedestrians animals and road hazards are displayed farther than headlights. Pedestrians and animals in the scene are highlighted through the use of the sophisticated software interface for added awareness. The PathFindIR&™ II's simple integration is a powerful safety addition to any vehicle, large or small, in cold or warm weather conditions. The PathFindIR™ II image can be displayed on standard aftermarket monitors, or, through third party integration technologies into factory navigation screens. Optional mounting brackets for the ECU and camera are available, as well as, an optional installation (with monitor) kit which includes both brackets and a 7″ LCD dash mounted monitor. Installation Kit with Monitor is Part No. 421-0053-00