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Firstech FT-D100 RF Decoder

This is the Firstech/Compustar FTD100 RF decoder. This is an adapter used to connect Compustar brand RF kits to various plug and play remote start systems.

What is the FT-D100 RF Decoder?

The Compustar FT-D100 RF Decoder is a bridge adaptor that allows connection of Compustar/Firstech LLC brand RF Kits (key fob + antenna + antenna cable kits) to iDatalink, iDatastart,  Firsttech LLC, and Fortin brand remote starters. This adaptor is a required accessory for connection of an RF kit to remote start products such as the:

ADS-ALCA (when flashed/programmed with remote starter firmware)
Firstech and iDatastart brand plug and play remote starters (such as ADS-GM10, ADS-BZ1, FT-NI5 etc.)
Firstech FT-900S-HCF remote starter
Firstech/Compustar DC2 remote starter

The FT-D100 is installed between the remote starter and the RF kit, and will accept 4 pin and 6 pin antenna cables. When connecting it to the ADS-ALCA module, the FT-D100 does requires a 12 volt power connection, and a chassis ground connection. When connecting to all other remote start modules (other than ADS-ALCA), no power and ground connections are required (these are sourced through the data cable in these applications).