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DRONE Mobile


DRONE X1R-LTE Smartphone Controller | 4G/LTE North American Coverage

This is the DRONE Mobile X1R-LTE Smartphone Controller & GPS Tracking Device.
*NOTE* DRONE only works with Compustar and iDatastart brand remote starters, OEM (factory) remote starters are NOT supported.

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Service Fees

Consumer | B2C  

30-Day Free Trial | All Plans
(included with hardware purchase)

Basic Plan (no GPS tracking)
$59.99 CAD per year

Premium Plan (with basic GPS tracking)
$119.99 CAD per year

Premium Plan+ (with advanced GPS tracking)
$299.99 CAD per year

*service fees are PER device*
*basic GPS has no trip reports*
*advanced GPS includes trip reports*


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Description & Specification 


This is the new DRONE Mobile X1R-LTE smartphone controller/GPS tracking device. It is designed to be used for controlling your car alarm, remote starter, or car alarm with remote starter using your smartphone. It can also be used (with subscription) for tracking your vehicle via GPS.




  • iOS, Android and Web platform
  • Real time tracking
  • Engine on/off detection and notification
  • Geo-Fence, automatic in/out notification
  • Fuel expense and idle time calculations
  • Trip history with trip analytics - daily/weekly/monthly
  • Set your speed limit and get real time speeding notifications
  • Built-in acceleration sensor for vibration alarm



  • Powered by AT&T, Rogers, Bell, and Telus

  • LTE telematics w/3G fallback

  • Unlimited range vehicle control

  • Includes module and harness

  • Compatible with all Firstech, iDatalink and iDatastart Controllers

  • Premium GPS Tracking features including GPS car finder, speed monitoring, points of interest, geofences, maintenance reminders, and more!

What's New With DroneMobile?

  • New DroneMobile 4.0 app

  • Updated WatchOS and Android Wear UI

    • Faster performance
    • Now works with cellular watches


This product comes with a 1 year warranty