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Crimestopper LV-HB55 Universal Heated Washer Fluid System

The CrimeStopper HYDROblast system is a heated washer fluid system. The heated fluid will allow you to have a cleaner window, faster as well as quicken the defrosting time without having to do anything more than turn ON your windshield washer system that comes on your vehicle now.

  • Efficient heater design based on Aluminum Clad technology
  • Adjustable power consumption (use of PWM – power width modulation)
  • Designed for any washer fluid (elegant freeze/thaw solution is implemented)
  • Can be mounted in any position without limitation
  • Utilizes 3 heaters to heat fluid at start up, steps down to 1 heater when idle
  • Quickly de-ices the windshield
  • Prevents ice build up on wiper blades and arms
  • Effectively cleans the windshield from road salt and grime

The CrimeStopper HYDROblast system is a heated washer fluid system. This heated washer fluid system will help you defrost and de-ice your windshield faster in the winter as well as help to remove road grime and insects more efficiently in the summer. The main system is simple to install with splicing into the OEM washer fluid hose, power, ground and that is it. 

The main unit has 3 heaters to heat the fluid up to the 140°F (60°C), then the system will drop down to a single heating element to maintain the temperature. By the time the warm fluid comes out of the nozzles the fluid should be down to approximately 115°F (46°C) which is very similar to your body temperature so you can see it won’t be an issue even in the cold winters. Once you spray the warm fluid from the unit, about 3-4 seconds worth of spray, the system will warm up the next portion in about 10-20 seconds. 

The system comes with multiple zip ties to allow you to mount the system. One of the greatest benefits of the HYDROblast is its ability to be mounted in any direction. This system will work great even if you have heated washer fluid nozzles and heated windshield. It will just help keep your windshield cleaner as well as help defrost your windshield faster.