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    iBEAM TE-CCM Heavy Duty IR (Infrared) Camera with Microphone

    This is the iBEAM TE-CCM Heavy Duty IR (Infrared) Camera with Microphone.


    Ideal for increasing the safety and visibility of large commercial vehicles, iBeam's Heavy Duty Commercial Camera Dome provides drivers with a 120 degree view of surroundings. Complete with 0 lux IR LED night vision and 12 IR LEDs, this sturdy 1/3" CMOS camera dome helps you see in dark or foggy conditions. High quality metal housing and a water resistance IP69K rating ensures this rugged device can withstand the elements during long days of driving. Designed for commercial use, this camera is functional with up to 100' of extension cable, and includes a 4-Pin Din to RCA connector.



    •  High quality metal housing
    •  120 degree viewing angle
    •  1/4" CMOS camera
    •  IP67K water resistant
    •  Built-in microphone
    •  0 lux night vision
    •  Includes 4-Pin Din to RCA connector
    •  18 IR LEDs
    •  3 1/8" W X 2 5/8" H X 2 5/8" D
    •  Functional with up to 100' of extension cable
    •  Length of cable off of camera to 4-pin din is 15 inches