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Compustar FT7000ASCONT Alarm & Starter Controller

This is the new FT-7000-ASCONT (Series 7) remote starter controller from Compustar. It is the most advanced remote starter on the market today, the technology included in this controller means it can be installed in almost any vehicle. It should be your only choice if you are looking to install a remote starter in your vehicle.  It can be used as a stand alone device (controlled by your OEM key-fob), paired with a compatible Compustar RF Kit, paired with a Compustar DRONE Mobile smartphone control device, or all of the above.

Type of Car Alarm with Remote Starter:
Controller Only
How Many Remote Controls Come With This System:
Operating Range:
Variable 0 - 6000 feet depending on control method used
How Many Buttons on Remote Controls:
Variable depending on control method used
Alarm Controller Model Number:
Compatible Antenna Number:
N/A ( does not come with one, Compustar RF Kit must be purchased separately, or OEM keyfob used to control it )
Compatible with Smartphone Control:
Yes ( DRONE Mobile )
Manual Transmission Compatible:
Diesel Compatible:
Keyfob Colour:
Warranty Coverage: