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DRONE Mobile DR-3400 | Compustar DRONE


The DRONE Mobile DR-3400 takes vehicle safety and convenience to the next level. THe DR-3400 provides the ability to lock/unlock your doors, remote start and stop your engine, open and close your trunk, and track the location of your vehicle, all from your Android or iPhone device.

The DR-3400 is an add-on module that is compatible with Compustar, iDataStart, and iDatalink branded remote start and security products. For all the convenience features to work you will require a remote start or security system from one of these manufacturers.

However, the DR-3400 can be used as a stand-alone product offering lock/unlock, trunk open/close, and GPS tracking capabilities provided the DRONE Mobile DR-HRN-3KHW is used *requires additional purchase/see product accessories tab* 




DRONE Mobile Airtime Costs 


DroneMobile Service Plans

Basic Plan: $49.99 US per year after first year  / FREE for first 30 Days after installation
Basic Plan includes:
  • LOCK
  • AUX 1
  • AUX 2
Premium Plan: $119.99 US per year starting immediately after installation 
Premium Plan includes ALL features of the  Basic Plan and adds:
  • GPS Tracking (locate your vehicle at anytime),
  • Low Battery alerts
  • Maintenance Reminder alert
  • Geofence Violation alert
  • Curfew Violation alert
  • Points of Interest
  • Engine On/Off alerts
  • Emergency Tracking (if your car is stolen)
  Business Plan  (5 minute tracking): $300 per vehicle per year / $720 per vehicle on 3-Year Annual Plan
Business Plan includes features such as:
  • Bread Crumbing (Motion Updates every 5 minutes)
  • Brief Stops
  • Curfew Violations
  • Engine On/Off Monitoring
  • Excessive Idling Alerts
  • Geofencing
  • Historical Mapping
  • Historical Log
  • Maintenance Reminders
  • On-Demand Vehicle Tracking
  • Point of Interest
  • Speeding Violations
  • Trip Reporting

Business Plus Plan (2 Minute tracking): $360 per vehicle per year / $900 per vehicle on 3 year Annual Plan

Business Plus Plan includes all features of the Business Plan, the interval time for tracking is increased to every 2 minutes on this plan
All plans are paid for on an annual basis, meaning you pay once per year, or once every 3 years.







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