Cirrus Link


Cirrus Link XT-45XX Self-Contained Asset Tracking & Monitoring Gateway

Product Features:

  • Asset tracking device can be configured in MyGeotab portal through the same interface as all other GO devices, and can be included in reports, zone alerts, exception rules, and several other data captures. Device is battery powered, so reporting is typically performed a few times each day
  • Device is a rugged IP65 rated enclosure for outdoor deployments – case material is a weather-proofed ABS plastic
  • Dimensions: 4.4” x 2.7” x 1.6”
  • Weight: 8.5oz
  • Operating temperature: -30˚C to +70˚C
  • High capacity, rechargeable 960mAh battery enables long term deployments with inconsistent access to a power source
  • Expected battery life is 1 month
  • Includes 3G/CDMA Cellular SIM card
  • Multiple input/output ports for direct instrumentation
  • Ability to report ignition status when connected, which can be used in utilization reports
  • Integrated mounting flange with multiple options: adhesive, screws, or magnet.

*NOTE: This part can be used in standalone applications without a Geotab integration; a separate web portal is provided by Cirrus link to access asset locations, dashboards, and reports.