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Cellink Battery B Dashcam Battery | 2nd Generation

Cellink’s powerful Battery B will keep your dashcam running long after the ignition is switched off. It takes only about an hour to charge completely and also prevents discharge of your vehicle's battery. The optional expansion battery pack has the same capacity as the main battery pack, essentially doubling the overall power supply.

There is a choice of output cable, the 12V Cigarette socket will work for cameras like the BlackVue or BlackSys dash cams. The three wire unspliced output cable is a harness that will support hardwiring kits that have the ACC/Battery/Ground. 

If you don't already have a hardwire kit for your dash cam, choose the spliced hardwire kit option for output cable which will include the hardwire cable spliced into Cellink's output harness. This will work for BlackSys and Thinkware dashcams as well as a few other Korean dash cams. Note this doesn't mean you have to hardwire your battery pack, the spliced kit is on the output side and you can still power the battery pack through your 12V cigarette socket.