Budge Lite


Budge Lite BB5 264" Car Cover

This is the Budge Lite BB5 264" length car cover.

Cover Size: 264" L x 70" W x 53" H

Dupont, a leader in protective materials, has created this revolutionary product using a new technology known simply as Advanced Composite Technology. Through this process, Dupont scientists have taken materials of various compositions and combined them into multi-density, micro-denier configurations. This patented process, has created a new material providing heightened protection from dust, moisture and UV rays. While processing a softness not previously seen in other man-made materials. Budge industries, LLC has converted this new material into the pinnacle product in the car cover industry.

All weather protection, sun, snow, rain.
Water repellent.
Hight tech, light weight drapeable material is "form fitting".
Better UV protection.