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Blackvue B-100 Power Magic Battery Pack | DISCONTINUED

The Blackvue B-100 Power Magic Battery Pack can power your dash-cam for up to 8 hours. Using super fast charging Li-ION battery technology, this is the product to use for solving all of your dash-cam power issues. 

Dash-cam batteries are the solution to dead vehicle batteries for those dash-cam users who wish to keep their dash-cams powered even when the vehicle is off. Using a dash-cam battery keeps the power source for the dash-cam completely independent from the vehicle's starting battery, meaning you never have to worry about a dead vehicle battery ever again (at least one caused by your dash-cam that is).

We recommend this product for all 2013 - Up BMW vehicles that are equipped with a battery management/warning system. This will eliminate all battery warnings from popping up on the driver information screen.


  • Battery Capacity: Li-ion 12V 5,200mAh
  • Power input: DC 12V 3A
  • Input type: DC 5.5 / DC2.5
  • Power output: DC 12V 1.5A, DC3.5 pole type / 5V USB
  • Battery Protection: PCM Preventing the device from being over-charged and over-discharged