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  • AXGM-01

    Axxess AXGM-01 / GMOS-01 2000 - 2013 GM Radio Replacement Interface

    This is the Axxess AXGM-01 / GMOS-01 data bus radio replacement interface. It is a required install part if you wish to change the head unit in a GM vehicle between the years of 2000 - 2013.



    • Provides accessory (12 volt 10 amp)
    • Retains R A P (retained accessory power)
    • Retains chimes
    • Provides NAV outputs (parking brake – reverse – speed sense)
    • Pre-wired ASWC-1 harness (ASWC-1 sold separately)
    • Retains chimes to the factory speaker
    • Adjustable chime level
    • Retains OnStar / OE Bluetooth
    • Adjustable OnStar level
    • Designed for non-amplified models or when bypassing a factory amp(See note below)
    • Retains balance and fade
    • USB-CAB updateable (sold separately)

    If the vehicle is amplified either use the GMOS-04 interface or bypass the amplifier. If bypassing the amplifier follow the Axxess Interface Amp Bypass Schematic document.