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Autostart AS-6880TWS Alarm & Starter

The AS-6870TW-FM is Autostarts top of the line LCD remote start and alarm combo. One of the key advantage of this revolutionnary transmitter is the addition of a 2-angle LCD vehicle display. Displaying the vehicle either from the side view or the front view, the screen is capable of showing accurately the nature of the alarm trigger without any guess work. Along with large useful icons for quick reference, the 6 alphanumeric characters section will display information that the end-user can clearly read.

Type of Car Alarm with Remote Starter:
How Many Remote Controls Come With This System:
Operating Range:
6000 feet
How Many Buttons on Remote Controls:
5 Button ( Lock, Unlock, Trunk Release, Remote Start/Stop, Function )
Car Alarm with Remote Starter Model Number:
Compatible Antenna Number:

Compatible with Smartphone Control:
Yes ( SmartStart )
Manual Transmission Compatible:
Diesel Compatible:
Keyfob Colour:
Warranty Coverage:
Limited Lifetime ( lifetime on main controller module, 1 year on remote controls/keyfobs )