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Author Alarm


Author Alarm RF Signal Rejection Detector

The VOLK module is a broadband (100-2,700 MHz) RF signal rejection detector that detects the effects of "jammers" (RF generators) in order to attempt to steal a car and promptly inform the owner and others about it.

Principle of operation: 

The VOLK module switches to operating mode 1 minute after the ignition is switched off. The device analyzes the level of the surrounding electromagnetic background and, in the event of detection of noise from the muffling, sends a signal to the car's siren and the output 'status' to which a GSM module or signaling can be connected (for notification by staff means of attempted jamming). When the duration of the electromagnetic interference of a high level is less than one minute, the device turns off the siren in 0 - 8 seconds after the signal disappears, but leaves the output 'status' in the active state.
If the duration of the high-level electromagnetic interference lasts more than one minute, the device turns off the siren after 1 minute but leaves the 'status' output in the active state. To disable the alarm function of the device in the presence of electromagnetic interference, it is necessary to turn on the ignition (the siren is turned off, the signal at the output 'status' goes into an inactive state). After that, the device goes into sleep mode, reducing power consumption.

  • VOLK will report the correctness connection by an audible signal.
  • Consumes only 4.4 mA in sleep mode and 9.2 mA in the operating mode.
  • Works with staff immobilizers and alarms
  • Hidden installation in anywhere in the car, protection from dust and humidity