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Author Alarm


Author Alarm KVANT Analogue Anti-Theft System I 2 Key Fobs

A Smart Approach to the Security of Your Car.
      The KVANT miniature analog immobilizer is designed to protect motorcycles and cars without CAN bus.
      KVANT reliably protects the car from theft by blocking the processes critical for starting the engine. Remove the lock by entering the PIN with your standard vehicle buttons. You can use the digital buttons on your steering wheel or connect additional hidden buttons. KVANT has a built-in accelerometer - a configurable motion sensor with 5 levels of sensitivity. It will not give out its presence until the lock is triggered.
Benefits and Functions of the System:
  • The smallest and most inexpensive non-digital immobilizer on the market.
  • Easily hidden.
  • Designed for popular car brands.
  • The service mode temporarily disarms the protection when vehicle is in maintenance or diagnostics.
  • Enter your PIN code with standard vehicle buttons or digital buttons on the steering wheel.