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Author Alarm


Author Alarm Keyless Entry Protection I 2 Key Fobs I Smartphone Control

KEYLESS BLOCK is a device designed to protect your car with keyless access from theft by re-transmission.

How does it work? 

Often, the main method of hijacking cars with keyless access is to 'extend' the staff key by relaying the signal. In this case, the theft does not take more than a minute, and you will not even notice it. This risk is particularly vulnerable to premium cars.

KEYLESS BLOCK at the software level disables the Keyless system if there is no label or smartphone used as a label next to the car. When a label or smartphone appears next to the car, the regular Keyless system is activated and keyless access for the owner is restored.

In addition, KEYLESS BLOCK can control the Keyless system with a standard security system: when your car blocked with a keychain (or touch the sensor), the Keyless function is disabled, when you click on the "Open" button, the keyfob is activated.
  • Includes 2 key fobs
  • Ability to control with smartphone
  • Effective protection against repeaters and high noise immunity
  • Adjusting the range of the label
  • Low power consumption