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Author Alarm


Author Alarm Digital CAN Relay

TOR is a digital CAN relay designed for complex protection of a vehicle equipped with an anti-theft IGLA system. The lock relay is an electronic key closing / unplugging the electrical circuits of the car in the event of an attempted theft. Due to this, the engine is blocked and the hijacker loses the ability to move on the car.
How does it work? 

The main task of TOR is to implement an additional blocking loop, when the connection of the IGLA system to the control unit is either difficult or impossible.

Traditional analogue relays are quite easy to detect - they click. TOR is controlled by signals via the CAN digital bus, it has a miniature size and is completely silent.

  • The integrity of the wiring remains and the risk of a car breakdown is reduced
  • Custom installation locations put the hijackers in turmoil
  • The guarantee remains on the car. No proceedings with dealers.
  • Noiselessness. No clicks and other sounds, like in conventional relays.