Accele BSS300R Microwave Blind Spot Detection System

This is the Accele BSS300R Blind Spot Detection Kit. It uses microwave radar technology to provide higher accuracy in detecting objects in your blind spot. 

Microwave is a much more refined signal and has the ability to narrow the transmission field.  It is the new standard for object detection.  Its signal can pass through most plastic, fibreglass or urethane bumpers and still retain its accuracy. So it can mount behind the bumper for a simpler install.

Also, its accuracy is top notch with a transmission beam width for object detection at 100 feet measuring only about 12 inches wide!  No more light poles or mailboxes interfering with true blind spot detection.




  • Add an OEM style blindspot detection system to any vehicle
  • System has two sensors that are designed to mount on the INSIDE left and right side of the rear bumper, these sensors are mounted behind the bumper and are designed for side detection. No Drilling..
  • Includes two elegant LED indicators that can be mounted on the left and right of your dash or instrument cluster to visually indicate vehicles or other obstructions
  • System can be configured to run all time or only when turn signal is used
  • Sensors have locking waterproof connectors for easy connections and years of reliable use
  • Speaker for audible alarm when turn signal is activated
  • 12 volt power connection
  • 12 volt ground connections