Truck Dash Cameras | Our Recommendations


  Thinkware F50    

The Thinkware F50 dash camera is our entry level front view camera, that offers you 1080p high resolution and easy to use software, all at the lowest cost price point. Pictured here with the TWA-50B tamper proof case, this camera can be "locked down" to prevent the driver from accessing and/or tampering with the memory card.


Blackvue DR750S  

The Blackvue DR750S series of dash cameras are the better solutiuon we have, owing to their expandibility (you can go with front only, front + rear, or a front + weather-proof rear camera configuration). Equipped with WiFi and Cloud recording/viewing capability, means this solution can expand with your fleet requirements very easily. It will also keep pace with emerging technology in the remote view dash camera space.

These cameras can also be "locked down" using the Blackvue BTC-1A tamper proof case accssory.

Blackvue Over the Cloud is the system used for live viewing, recording, and GPS fleet tracking functionality of this camera system.


  Gnet GT700

The Gnet GT700 is the best solution for a truck dash camera. Available in a 3 camera (front/left/right) or 4 camera (front/left/right/rear) configuration, you can protect all areas of your vehicle with it. Equipped with WiFi for footage viewing and sharing, along with the capability to output the video feeds from each camera to a larger sized screen, thereby increasing the safety of your vehicle (so the driver has a camera feed view of the sides and rear of the vehicle).

This camera can also be equipped with an SSD (solid state drive) which can expand it's memory capacity up to 2TB (SSD and SSD case are additional purchase).