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Back Up Camera Service Requests

If any of your vehicles exhibit a non-functioning back up camera that requires service we request you to complete the service request form found HERE


LCD screen Re-Mount Instructions

If any of your vehicles have had the LCD screen fall down, instructions are included below outlining a self repair procedure.


Step by Step Repair Guide: Click Here

LCD Screen Mount Repair Guide

  1. Detach (remove) suction cup mount from plastic mount disc (to do this, simple pull up on the suction cup plastic tab that is found on the mount bracket, then use the little rubber tab on the suction cup to break the suction away from the plastic mount disc)
  2. Clean suction cup with alcohol swab provided in repair kit
  3. Clean windshield area (black dotted portion) where the screen will be mounted with the same alcohol swab provided in repair kit
  4. Apply double sided tape strips (2 were provided in repair kit) to the suction cup (as outlined in picture)
  5. Firmly press the suction cup on the glass where you are mounting the screen, then use the plastic tab on the bracket to evacuate the air from the suction cup, while still applying pressure to the mount (towards the glass)

Picture: How to Apply Double Sided Tape



YouTube Video Outlining Screen Mount Repair: Click Here