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GPS Tracking Bundles | Installation Included

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COVID-19 Alert

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are asking clients to drop their vehicle off and pick up when completed, unfortunately, our clients are not permitted in the waiting area at this time.
There is a key drop box at the front door to our shop, you may drop your keys in the box and our tech will come out to get them, pull your vehicle in, complete it, then park the vehicle back upfront. We may take care of payment over the phone when the work is completed.

Product training after installation is NOT offered at this time. Product questions or concerns can be directed to us via email, phone, or text message. We are also offering Skype, Zoom, and Youtube video training sessions (if required)

We can complete your installation at our Markham, Ontario location,
or we can come to your home or work-place (Toronto, Montreal, Grand Prairie).

Please choose where you would like your installation performed:

In-Store Installation:

155 McIntosh Drive, Markham
Ontario, Canada

On-Site Installation:

GTA (Greater Toronto Area)
Ontario, Canada

On-Site Installation:

Quebec, Canada

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GPS Tracking | No Trip History

MyCar provides real-time tracking (where is my vehicle right now), but provides no trip history (where the vehicle has been)

MyCar Subscription Fees

Subscription Fees

Monthly/Yearly Fees
FREE first year service (includes GPS tracking)  
1-year service plan renewal cost: $39.95 USD (includes GPS Tracking)
3-year service plan renewal cost: $99.95 USD (includes GPS tracking)

Click HERE for Plan Details


Includes 1 Year of Services

GPS Tracking | With Trip History

Amber provides real-time tracking (updates every 3-5 seconds) with a 90 day trip history (where the vehicle has been).

Amber Subscription Fees

Personal Plan | B2C  

First Year @ $0 FREE!
(included with hardware purchase)

$99 USD per year after that
($8.25 USD per month)

*service fees are PER device*


Fleet Plan | B2B

First Year @ $50 USD
($4.16 USD per month)

$149 USD per year after that
($12.41 USD per month)

*service fees are PER device*


Includes 1 Year of Service
90 day trip history

Choice of starter or ignition kill
90 day trip history

GPS Tracking | No Service Fees

GPSIRIS provides real-time tracking (updates every 3 - 10 minutes) with trip history, and best of all there are NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES! Works in Ontario and Quebec ONLY.

NO YEARLY FEES | Free to Use
Can be used to control compatible remote starters
Ontario & Quebec ONLY