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    [Installed Bundle] 70mai M500 Dash Camera, 2.7K @ 30fps, 128GB, WiFi, GPS, TPMS Sensors, Includes WIRELESS Air Compressor

    70mai M500 2.7K Dash Camera Bundle

    $470 VALUE!

    70mai M500 2.7K Dash Camera (1 channel)
    70mai UP03 Hardwire Cable
    70mai T04 TPS Sensors (tire pressure monitoring)
    70mai TP05 Wireless Air Compressor
    Installation by Lockdown Security


    This is the 70mai M500 dash camera, a true 2.7K resolution dash camera, with a very cool accessory feature, TPMS (tire pressure monitoring)!

    Key features included 2.7K @ 30fps resolution, built-in 128GB eMMC memory (no more memory cards!), and WiFi + GPS built in. Added to that, you can purchase the 70mai T04 TPMS sensor accessory kit, and add a full tire pressure monitoring system to your vehicle.

    The M500 records footage in a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels. Also referred to as 1944p or 2.7K, this is an impressive amount of image quality that is said to be 2.5 times clearer than 1080p. While it does seem to be apparent that the resolution is much higher than most dash cams, keep in mind that the higher the resolution, the more data it will use. In reality, the clarity it provides in the daytime is superb. Even without ideal lighting or the proper angles, the video and still image quality is perfectly acceptable for most situations.

    TPMS Accessory

    Although they’re not included, you can use 70mai’s tire valve caps in conjunction with the M500 dash cam. With them, you can simply replace the valve caps on each of your tires with ones that communicate with the dash cam.

    This way, if you ever have a flat tire or a slow leak, the dash cam will audibly alert you. It works by wirelessly sending a signal to each tire and continuously transmitting tire pressure readings to the dash cam. If the pressure ever falls beneath a set level, you’ll know right away, via the app or via a voice readout from the camera.

    Number of Cameras/Channels:
    1 Channel
    Camera Resolution:
    Front Camera: 2.7K (2592 x 1944 30fps)
    Is Camera Equipped with WiFi for Smartphone Connection:
    Is Camera Equipped with GPS Receiver:
    Camera Model Number:
    Camera Field of View:
    Front: 170 degree diagonal viewing angle
    Camera Color and Design:
    The camera is black in colour, cylindrical in design.
    Type of Memory Card and is it Included:
    128GB eMMC (built-in memory, no card)
    Memory Card Support:
    Built-in memory, no card support.
    Viewing Software Available:
    Viewing software is available for download, and is also included pre-loaded on SD Card (included)
    Computer Compatibility:
    Windows & Mac via Mini USB Cable
    Does This Camera Have an LCD Screen for Footage Viewing:
    Does This Camera Have Built-in Battery Protection:
    Yes | 70mai UP03 cable included
    Operating Temperature:
    -20C to +60C
    Country of Origin: